Bitcoin can be the currency of the internet


Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey said one day they hoped to see Bitcoin as the most used currency on the internet. Also Jack Dorsey: “Bitcoin can be the currency of the internet.”

Bitcoin can be your internet currency.
Speaking at the consensus 2018, the world’s biggest crypto money and blockchain event, Jack Dorsey, speaking of a crowd of cryptomoney buffs, showed that digital currencies are fully compatible with the view of the future. Jack Dorsey is one of Bitcoin’s strongest supporters. Jack Dorsey added:

I think the internet must be its own currency. The Internet already deserves and will have its own currency. I do not know if this money will be Bitcoin, but I hope it will be Bitcoin.

Jack Dorsey added Bitcoin to the Square Cash platform without any difficulty
Jack Dorsey said that he had set up a credit card payment system with a former employee and wanted to include Bitcoin in the Square system. Together with Mike Brock, who worked as an engineer in the company, he quickly added Bitcoin to the Square Cash platform without any difficulty. Jack Dorsey said it would be great to make Bitcoin payments as fast as nominal payments. In addition, Jack Dorsey added that the existence of bank alternatives in the modern world brings people one step closer to financial freedom.

Square was originally thought of as a simple payment system, but people began to hold their money at the Square Cash. As a result, they started to use the platform as a kind of bank. The Square team accelerated their efforts to understand that the platform could reach larger dimensions. An important part of these developments was that the platform would become compatible with Bitcoin in 2017. Jack noted that Dorsey Square could be a milestone for high-end payment systems and that better systems could be developed. When Jack Dorsey said that he would become a global currency in the future and that it might be Bitcoin, applause grew.

One day, it will be a global currency that does not belong to any institution.
Jack Dorsey ended the statement with the following words:

One day, it will be a global currency that does not belong to any institution. As companies and individuals we have to focus on what we can do to make it happen. We should not allow the loss of the transparency of the greatest concern community nor threaten any institution’s openness and perfection.